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Buy, Trade, & Sell Games

Buy, Trade, Sell 

We buy, trade and sell just about anything video game related. Cash and credit given is heavily dependent of condition of the item in question. Prices constantly vary so quotes are constantly changing. In order to sell or trade you must have a drivers license and be 18+ or have a parent present. When using store/trade credit you may not use it on or towards statues or collectibles you can however use it towards new/used video games and new/used consoles. 

(We do not take or sell PC games/accessories, Skylanders, or Guitar Hero Guitars, Drums, and or other instruments. Trade and cash quotes CAN NOT be given over the phone or by pictures. Items must physically be brought in to be inspected in order to get an accurate quote. Trades and cash buys stop in the last hour before closing. Due to an over abundance or our current inventory we are currently not taking in POPS and certain things for cash or credit. We strongly recommend calling before bringing things in to avoid any confusion.
We offer payment plans!

In Store Payment Plans

We offer in store payment plans for collectibles & statues $200 or more. All payment plans are broken up into 3 easy payments of 1/3 the cost of the item plus tax. Payments must be made within a minimum of every 30 days. The item must be paid off within a maximum of 3 months. If the item is not paid off within the allotted time the item is taken off hold and 10% of the total item price is forfeited. 

Other payment plan options are available for higher priced items over $1000 on a case by case basis. Payment plans are not available for consoles, video games, or video game cords/accessories. You must have a valid FL Drivers License or ID to set up a payment plan. Payments must be made in store or via PayPal, no credit or debit card payments may be made over the phone.
Disc Resurfacing / Repairs

We Resurface Games

Have a scratched disc? Don't stress we offer disc repairs! We have in store disc resurfacing machine that will get your discs looking just about flawless. Disc resurfacing is available for CD & DVD formats and cost $10 +tax per disc. Blu-ray disc (PS3, PS4, PS5, XB1) and some hard coated Wii / WiiU discs are not able to be resurfaced. Some games are not guaranteed to play after being resurfaced due to certain coatings on discs. 

Have a disc but need a case or artwork printed? We can print artwork and sell cases to help complete your game. We also sell novelty cases! (Strategy guides and some manuals to certain games may also be available! Inventory varies!)
Video Game Console Repairs

Console Repairs

We do a wide variety of in house video game console repairs on various  systems & controllers. All repairs require a non-refundable diagnostic fee. We will call the customer with a full quote of the repair before moving forward. In some cases if the repair is simple it is covered under the diagnostic fee. Not all consoles and controllers can be fixed. We CAN NOT repair HDMI ports, wandering on controllers, or certain software issues. For more quotes on repairs and services please call or visit us in store. Have an old system at home you are missing things for and want to see if it works? We will hook up your system to see if it's in full working order for $10 + tax and let you know if your system is working to its fullest and if you're missing anything to make your console complete again!

Cart Cleaning Service

Cartridge Cleanings!

Did you know that most of the time when you have that old cartridge based system that "won't work" all it needs is a simple cleaning along with some cleaning of your games? Blowing in the game cart only goes so far and contrary to belief rubbing alcohol is a huge no-no for your stuff! We can take apart your cartridge based games for $10 + tax each and make those dull pins look nice and shiny! Sometimes you may also have dirt in the pins of your system and need to go a few extra steps to have your console cleaned as well. Time frames for cleaning heavily depends on how busy it is in store.

Cart Battery Replacement

Battery Replacements!

Have an internal battery that's run dry? Don't sweat it! We can solder a new battery into that SNES or GameBoy game for $20 +tax and get you up and running again! This repair also works for any Pok√©mon games that use the clock and will make clock based events happen again once it is reset and your time is set back up in the game. After a new battery had been soldered on we will start a new file to save and double check to make sure the battery is saving and fully operational before you leave with it! Usually this can be done same day but honestly depends on how busy it is in store when you stop by.

Other Toys & Collectibles

available in store now!

We have Anime Figures!

Come in and check out our selection of Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, One Punch Man, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Sword Art Online, Dr. Stone, Fate Stay, Kamen Rider, Persona, Evangelion, Re:Zero, Love Live, Madoka Magica, Super Sonico, Yugioh, & Much More!

We have Gundams & Other Model Kits!

With a wide variety of gundams and other model kits we are one of the few places in Lakeland that carry them. From MG (Master Grade) to PG (Perfect Grade) we try to have a bit of everything, even a few die-cast builds! (We do not sell any model kit tools).

We have POPS!

We have an extensive library of Funko POPS! We even have a LAST CHANCE section to snag it before it's gone! Keep an eye out for some CHASE versions as well! (Please note we do not carry SPORTS POPS! We will take certain POPS in on trade but it depends on what it is and the box condition.)

We have Transformers!

Part of our collection includes a ridiculously huge amount of Transformers. Big and small we have a ton of different versions and even a few model kits. War of Cybertron Seige, Master Pieces, Titans Return, Combiner Wars, Power of the Primes, and much more. ROLL OUT!

We have Plushies!

We have Nintendo, Anime and many more soft adorable character you would want to snuggle up with. These aren't your everyday cheap ones you find at Target or Walmart either! Super soft, super detailed, these are some of the best plushies straight from Japan!

Searching for that specific game? Give us a call and we can check our extensive library of games to see if we can help complete your collection. Missing a cord for your console? We carry all types of cords controllers and accessories you might need for your systems. Found your old gaming console in storage but don't know if it still works? We can hook up your console and let you know how it runs before you start spending money on missing cords or games. Maybe you have old games laying around you don't play or want anymore? Come on in and get some credit to put towards things you will play and enjoy or sell us those games and accessories to clear up space in your house, closet, attic, etc. and line your pockets with some cash instead.