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Looking for Hot Toys?

Use the sidebar to search our selection by series/genre. We even listed what is coming soon so you won't miss a thing! Our selection is always ever changing with tons of Hot Toys coming and going so availability and price may vary. If you wish to inquire about pricing or any additional questions about a specific Hot Toy(s) please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail by using the Contact Us page. (Please note that due to a huge influx of e-mails and calls it may take us a little bit to get back to you.)

Did you know?

Game Attic is officially partnered with SideShow collectibles? That means we have a huge selection of not only statues through SideShow but also Hot Toys! 

What are Hot Toys?

Hot Toys are 1:6 scale high end posable figures that come with a huge selection of swappable hands, accessories, and much much more. Hot Toys are considered one of the highest quality 'action figures' out there. They are highly detailed and realistic especially in the face sculpt. It's like they shrunk down the actors!

What kind of Hot Toys do you carry?

We try to order in and carry anything and everything we can. From Star Wars to Marvel and everything in between we try to have it all. Some SideShow exclusives we are not able to get unless they're specifically offered up to us. If you are curious our inventory why not stop by and take a look at our front door display that showcases just about all of our Hot Toys and other 1:6 scale figures.

Can I pre-order a specific Hot Toy from your store?

The short answer is absolutely! If there is a specific Hot Toy coming out you really want you can come into the store and put down a non-refundable deposit to reserve it. From there you can make payments or pay the remainder once the Hot Toy arrives at our store.