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Joker by SideShow
Kidpool by SideShow
Kylin by Gantaku
Logan by SideShow
Mario Tanooki by F4F
Darth Sidious by SideShow
MegaMan 'Running' by F4F
Meta Knight EX by F4F
Mumm-Ra by SideShow
Punisher by Kotobukiya
Ryu by Kinetiquettes
Samus Light Suit (F4F)
Samus Varia Suit by F4F
Sif the Wolf by F4F
Spiderman by Kotobukiya
Spiderman by Kotobukiya
Swamp Thing by SideShow
Sword Kirby by F4F
Tarna by SideShow
Thanos Bust by SideShow
Ukyo Tachibana by Gantaku
Robin by Sideshow
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